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Shem ha-Meforash. Spiritual Development Through the 72 Names of God.

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Shem ha-Meforash. Spiritual Development Through the 72 Names of God. By Sebastiano Gulli.

Deluxe Limited to 100 copies, large format book 20 x 28 cm. 8 x 11 inca. Hard cover, slice file and mark page. Limited to 100 copies. 494 pages and illustrations. 1,5 kg. I.S.B.N.  : 978-2-493754-00-4.

The Shem Ha-Meforash, or the 72 Explicit Names of God, is one of the most important subjects of Jewish Mysticism, and hence Kabbalah. His reputation is no longer to be done, although most people interested in it do not know what exactly it is going back. These Names of God contain a wealth of information and teachings of incomparable depth.

For many people, Shem Ha-Meforash refers to the “72 Angels of Christian Kabbalah”, or to some fantasmagoria of “Occult Sciences”, which is not the case, the report being only very far away.

The work you hold in your hands is a small revolution, even for those who have some basic understanding around the subject, for Sebastiano Gulli reveals practices that have long remained secret, and which circulated only in rare circles of Kabbalist studies.

The Shem Ha-Meforash is composed of 72 sequences of three hebrew letters that have the power to overcome the laws of nature in all its forms. These sequences act as a trigger for specific spiritual frequencies on the different states of consciousness. Each combination connects, attracts and reveals the abundance of Creator light in a unique way. Each letter of a Trinitarian root generates and nourishes 3 Angels by root, one Angel by letter that composes the name, which does not make 72 angels, but 72 x 3 = 216 Angels. This book will also reveal the presence of other names of angels, subordinate to the former, from the guematics of biblical verses associated with each name.

This book is developed in four parts that address both mystical practices around the name, parts one to three, but also kabbalistic understanding keys through comments from the famous Shorshei Ha-Shemoth, the Root of Names, by Moses Zacuto, and the teachings of Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, in part four.


Table of parts of this book:

Foreword by the Editor

Rabbinical Court of North Central Italy

Foreword by the Author


 Ayin-Beth ע”ב Shemoth Elohim : The 72 Names of God

This is how the 72 Names are drawn

Where do the 72 Names of God appear in the Torah?

Complete Table of 72 Names

Are special conditions needed  to receive blessing through names?

Vocalization of the Names.

First Part

The 72 Names of God.

Second  Part

The 6 Permutations and 22 Mantric Powers of the Triads of the 72 Names.

Third  Part

Psalm Verses of the 72 Names of God

Fourth  Part

Shorshei Ha-Shemoth [The Roots of Names,  by Moses Zacuto], Integral on the 72 Names of God, with explanations by Moses Cordovero (The ramaq).

Appendice - 72 Names and Days of the Week.