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Fragments of a Golden Rosicrucian Teachings, F. MacParthy

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Fragments of a Golden Rosicrucian Teachings

Noviciate  of  the Collegium Hermeticum Rosæ-Crucis,  a French Brotherhood  of the 18th century.

Cross-Teachings between Kabbalah, Hermetism and Theurgy.

By Fred MacParthy and the Collegium Rosæ-Crucis


Deluxe Limited, large format book 20 x 28 cm. 8 x 11 inca. Hard cover, slice file and mark page. 212 pages and illustrations. I.S.B.N.  :  978-2-493754-16-5.


Preface of the Second Edition

The Renewal of the Collegium Hermeticum Rosæ-Crucis

The Values of the Collegium Rosæ-Crucis Noviciate

The Establishment of the French Section of the Collegium Rosæ-Crucis

On the Publication of this Course


The Chapters :

I. The Structure of the Collegium Rosæ-Crucis,

Parergon, Ergon, The Great Work. The Degree of Adept.

II. The 3 Alchimical Principes, and the 4 Elements, as well as Their parallels in the Kabbalah.  The Kabbalistic Cross - Tselav ha-Meqoubalim,

III. Theurgic Work on the 4 Elements.

Details that will Improve us in the performance of the Rituals by Frater L.E.N.

IV. The Creation, according to the Kabbalah and its parallel in Hermetism,

V. On Divine Emanations according to Isaac Luria’s Kabbalah

VI. Ethics and Life of the Rosy-Cross through the Traditional texts of the Golden Rosy-Cross and Kabbalah…

VII. The Divin Names according to  Kabbalah, The Mezla Ritual for Novices by Frater S.A.

VIII. The Divine Names and the 22 Hebrew letters or Authioth according the Kabbale,

IX. Prayer, Intention of the Heart, the Kavvanah and Theurgy,

X. In Conclusion, the Work  to follow at the Juniores I°


Of the Journal and Magical Book.

Ritual of Protection to the Shield of David or Magen David.